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Taking diving lessons is the best way to explore Indonesia to the fullest. We are conveniently located just a few minutes by boat from the best dive sites of Indonesia and Bali ; it is the perfect location to learn how to dive or to improve your diving skills with our Padi diving courses.

We have chosen the best PADI instructors to build our team and make sure you have the time of your life in the water. Legend Diving Lembongan has top quality gear and equipment’s, because safety comes first. And our classes are methodically and precisely taught, so it matches all PADI standards. Read More

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Legend Diving Lembongan is an Eco-responsible diving center. We try our best to reduce our paper use during our diving courses in Nusa Lembongan, that’s why we are using and recommend the PADI Digital courses.

Technology has never been that accessible before and everyone carries a smart device. It has made life so much easier, allowing users to study remotely or learn a new skill online from anywhere in the world. Learning to dive is now possible from behind your laptop or phone. We do still have some physical books for some courses and languages but we are trying our best to use it only when it is necessary. Read More


Two options for our digital PADI diving courses in Nusa Lembongan

  • E-Learning option : the theory part of the training is fully completed before arriving on site
  • E-Learning Lite option : a digital book is sent to you – you still have to pass the theory exams on site

For both options, the student will have to create a PADI account on the PADI website.


 Difference between Padi E-Learning or E-Learning Lite?

Both options are digital courses and include a learning material package. You also get a certification credit that your instructor uses to process your certification at the end of the training. Good news : no additional fees to expect at the end of the course. Yay!

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The PADI E-Learning course package 

This package includes embedded diving training videos and assessments allowing you to complete the whole academic part before you even get on our site in Nusa Lembongan. You will find knowledge reviews, quizzes and the final exam.

The PADI E-Learning Lite course package 

This package includes just the manual. You still need to watch the diving training videos in class when you will come. Even if you had the manual, it is necessary to watch the videos to complete the « knowledge reviews » part.

To make it simple : with the E-Learning option you actually save one day of training as you finish the theory part before flying to Bali. With the E-Learning Lite option you will get familiar with the scuba diving world and the work to be done. But you will still need to spend one day in class to watch the videos and pass the theoretical exam.

We believe these online options are a good way to start pursuing your dream of diving in open waters. You explore this beautiful new blue world and meet the local marine life. But of course, you will only be and feel qualified when you will be in the water or in the pool and actually dive.

How does the PADI E-Learning work?

Now you’re probably wondering how does it work to start studying the scuba diving skills. Well good news is : it is super easy.

Process to register to the PADI E-Learning course 

  • Create an account on the PADI website
  • Sign the necessary documentation online
  • Choose your option and pay
  • Choose a school
  • Get access to the diving learning content

Once you pay for you E-Learning option, you will receive an email with a code to access to your online course on the PADI website. Only then, you will have to choose Legend Diving Nusa Lembongan to get your certification with us. You will then get access to your e-book diving manuals and start learning the diving basics from your phone, tablet or computer. We recommend to bring your own device when you come to our scuba diving training site. so that you can study during your spare time.

PADI eLearning at Legend diving Lembongan

Ready for your diving course in Nusa Lembongan 

After that, you are all set up and ready to dive in and become a master of scuba diving. There are 5 sections to go through. At the end of each section you will find a mandatory quizz to pass. If you don’t pass the test, you can re-take it until you do. All your scores are kept on record and sent to our school to complete your PADI certification.


 1 – Study at your own pace

You can complete the theory part in one month, in one year or over the week-end, it is entirely up to you.

  3 – No class time

No time spent in a classroom when you are in Bali – you can enjoy the beautiful weather and amazing landscapes of Bali, as well as all the attractions around.

Paperless at legend diving
2 – Keep course content

Lifetime access to the theory materials and extra videos and slides to help you learning.

4 – Knowledge check-up

Short quizzes at the end of each segment so you can validate what you just learned. and let it sink in so it’s all clear in your head and you know. exactly the level of knowledge required to pass all the final exams.

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