Yan and Ketut´s first dive ever!

Taking advantage of a quieter day for us here on Nusa Lembongan, Bali, we thought we would send our awesome instructor Jesie diving with Yan and Ketut. Both of them have shown great interest in discovering the underwater world.

Dive briefing Legend diving lembongan bali

Yan our office administrator come from Java and spent his youth close by the ocean. Ketut, our mechanic and compressor man is from our sister island Nusa Penida.

We took them to two of Pool session Legend diving lembongan baliour most famous dive destinations: Manta Point and Crystal Bay.  For their first time diving they were lucky to get up close with Manta rays, Bamboo sharks and Hawksbill turtles… In Crystal bay, they enjoyed the prolific fish life and beautiful hard and soft corals. Fun dive Legend diving lembongan bali

Well done guys!  We plan on continuing their dive education to be Open Water Divers!  



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