Portrait of the day: Kent & Brittany Divemaster trainees at Legend Diving Lembongan

Kent and Brittany have always shared a love of adventure. This is a big reason they decided to leave their city life – to go on one big adventure around the world. 


Scuba has been one of Kent’s favorite hobbies since he was a teenager, so it made sense that he encouraged Brittany to give it a try at the beginning of their travels. As soon as she went on her first dive, she was hooked, and Brittany and Kent began the underwater portion of their adventure around the world.


The more they dove, the more they wanted to learn about the underwater world and become better divers. So, Just when they were due to head back to the states, they decided to extend their travels to fit in a divemaster internship! They chose Nusa Lembongan because of the vast variety of marine life that can be seen here, but also because they felt that learning to dive with strong currents would make them better divers. They were also hoping for a place that brought many tourists, and therefore a lot of experience working and assisting with people from all over the world, but a place that also still had the off-the-beaten-track small-island vibe, which is still the case in Nusa Lembongan.


Brittany and Kent love the sense of peace they have underwater but also the intense curiosity and anticipation that emerges when they dip below the surface. One of their favorite elements of diving is that no matter how many times you visit a particular site, it will never be the same experience. 


They hope to use their divemaster to continue to explore the underwater world, one dive at a time, and to share their love of diving with others.

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