As an eco-friendly dive center, whenever you cross the path with an distressed marine life, nothing will retain you for acting to save them!

How a routine dive became an heroic act

We are in high season, there are divers and boats most likely everywhere in the bay of Crystal Bay this morning. This dive site is world known for hosting the very famous Mola-mola fish. Divers from all over the world book their trip months in advanced to be able to encounter the biggest specie of Mola in earth. So when one of our local Divemaster Prastiano Septiawan, woke up this morning, he was far from thinking that this very special day will mark his memory for ever!

I saw a huge shadow and got to see her eye to eye

While guiding his guest through the first corner of the small rock island of Crystal Bay in Nusa Penida, Prastiano got approached by a massive Oceanic Manta ray. It was an early morning dive and the bay was quiet at this time. Manta rays are one of the most intelligent creatures of the ocean and Oceanic Manta size are up to 9 meters. They are rarely seen in that area of the archipelago as prefer hovering on cleaning stations. Nevertheless, this huge female was entangled in a massive fishing net and clearly came for help.

The endless freedom process

Luckily, our staff is well trained and we have strict code of conducts to protect are fauna around the marine sanctuary. Prastiano studied long years of Marine biology and was equipped with a diving knife. It took about 30 minutes for our Divemaster to carefully cut off the net and release the Manta ray from a future death.

When a creature come for help, they don’t understand the process of the decompression sickness for us as human. While she can’t stop swimming but must move forward to pass oxygenated water over her gills, she will take our Divemaster in a memorable roller coaster.  Tired but happy, dedication and bravery definitely saved this gently giant! Big thumb up to him for saving this huge Manta and hopefully, this heroic action will be noticed by the local authorities to condemn the net fishing in a protected marine area.