Are you bored of the office? Do you dream of every diving? Is it time to start doing what you really love?

Becoming a PADI Instructor not only means a new career, it can lead to a life of travel, adventure and so much more. Find out more about what’s involved!

What is the IDC?

IDC stands for Instructor Development Course and it is made up of two parts; Assistant Instructor and Open Water Scuba Instructor.

If you are already a certified diving instructor with another training organisation you may not need to complete the Assistant Instructor portion but rather go directly into the Open Water Scuba Instructor course.

Who can take an IDC?

You need to be a PADI certified Divemaster who has been a certified diver for at least 6 months and meets the following requirements;

  • have 100 logged dives before the IE,
  • completed Emergency First Response Primary * and Secondary Care(CPR and First Aid) training within the past 24 months
  • have a medical statement signed by a physician within the last 12 months.
  • Be a current EFR® Instructor (or similar from another organisation)
IDC student in classroom at Legend Diving Lembongan

Who will teach my IDC?

IDC’s are taught by PADI Course Directors – the highest level of Instructor rating – so you will be in safe hands. With Legend Diving Lembongan you will have the incredible opportunity to get your training with the Course Director team of Mark Soworka. PADI Course Directors all started out as PADI Instructors so not only do they teach IDCs, they have been through one themselves. Your Course Director may also be assisted by IDC Staff Instructors and Master Scuba Instructors who are all there to help you and ensure your success.

Is it the right career choice for me?

If you like people, love diving, have a passion for travel and a thirst for adventure then YES!

Becoming a PADI Instructor not only allows you to teach diving and share your passion, it enables you to make real differences to people’s lives.

You’ll teach nervous beginners and give them confidence, you’ll teach teenagers and show them the value of responsibility, you’ll dive with people of all nationalities and ages, from all walks of life and you’ll give them one common gift – the gift of diving and a passion for the underwater world.

For most active divers, diving is more than a holiday activity, it’s a passion and, for many, a way of life. You’ll be giving this gift to each and every one of your students. Think back to your own recreational scuba diving instructors – they must have been inspiring for you to be thinking about following in their footsteps!

What will I learn during the IDC?

The IDC teaches you how to conduct all core PADI Courses from Open Water Diver through to Divemaster. You’ll learn the PADI Standards and Procedures and how to find information you need in the PADI Instructor Manual. You’ll also review:

  • PADI Learning®, Instruction and the PADI System
  • Risk Management and Diver Safety
  • The Business of Diving and your role as an instructor
  • Marketing Diving and Sales Counseling

In addition to studying these key topics you’ll be reviewing your in-water skill demonstrations and learning how to deliver clear presentations for Confined Water and Open Water dives as well as for Knowledge Development presentations. Your public speaking skills will improve, your confidence will grow and your in-water skills will become perfectly honed.

What about the Instructor Exam?

The Instructor Exams are your chance to shine and show the examiners everything you have learned during the IDC. After the IDC your Course Director will confirm that you are ready for the exams so it’s just a matter of staying calm and remembering that you know everything, relaxing and enjoying the experience.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes, the IDC is not just a learning experience. You’ll develop a relationship with your Course Director and in many cases they are able to assist in helping you to find employment and providing references.

You’ll also make friends for life with your fellow candidates as you take this leap into a new career and new life together. It’s an experience you won’t forget – and it’s just the beginning.