Haven’t been scuba diving lately? Feeling a bit rusty? The Legend Diving Lembongan Diving Refresh is just what you need to brush up on your knowledge and skills. Our Padi Professional Instructors will get you in the water having fun and feeling comfortable again. It’s quick and easy, and a good way to feel confident about joining our diving trips to Nusa Penida on the chase of the mighty Mola Mola (Oceanic SunFish) or join the Manta Rays dances! Any certified diver can join.

Great organization and professionalism

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We were a group of 8 persons when we walked in Legend Diving, with experience ranging for none to plenty. Jesie helped us coordinate all activities with no problem at all. Some of us needed pool training and some needed refreshers before our ocean dives. As a group, we did over 20 dives and it was the best. These guys are professionals with clear instructions and confidence-building approach. Highly recommended!


The Diving Refresher program only takes around 2 hours. You will go over important dive safety concepts, dive planning essentials and problem management. Our team of Instructors will have you practice putting your gear together and doing a predictive safety check with your buddy in the pool.

During this program you will cover:

  • Safe diving practices
  • Dive planning fundamentals
  • Problem management
  • Breathing air at depth
  • Recreational diving, dive computers and dive tables: basic knowledge & dive planning

In the water, you will review all the basic scuba skills with a focus on good buoyancy control. Once you have completed this program you will feel more prepared and confident for your diving trip in the amazing Nusa Penida coral reef!