Meet one of our Divemaster Trainee, Sahuran! What is a Divemaster? The PADI Divemaster certification is the first professional scuba diving level. As a divemaster, you can organize and lead recreational diving activities, assist instructors in conducting training programs, teach and certify skin divers, assist the dive center on the daily operation, and much more…

Everyone has a different motivation to become a Divemaster and live his dream. We heard Sahuran story and wanted to share it with you! Here what he says:

I wanted to become a Divemaster for several reasons. One of the main reasons for me wanting to become a Divemaster is exploration. 71% of the world is covered in water, as a diver the world expands by 2/3’s. Being able to dive in locations that are reserved for only the advanced divers of the community or being able to dive in more hazardous sites while maintaining safety and being able to enjoy myself is very important for me. I also enjoy being the best i can be – so becoming a Divemaster was a logical step for me.

The second most important reason for me wanting to become a Divemaster is wildlife, in this case marine life. Being a wildlife enthusiast in general means I’m passionate about the creatures that inhabit our world and of course their preservation, becoming a Divemaster has broadened my knowledge of underwater life and has given me tools to help ensure that they will be around for other divers to see and enjoy in the years to come.

“the sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” – Jacques Cousteau

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