Looking for a life change? Dreaming about a life in the sun, diving every day around the world and getting paid to do so? Take our Padi Divemaster course internships and do what you love as a career. We did and changed our lives forever! Our office is now the sea, the traffic jams become a walk on the beach and daily stress is now underwater love!

Located in the beautiful island of Nusa Lembongan, Legend Diving has the perfect setup for you to become a divemaster. We can offer you unlimited world-class diving every single day in Nusa Penida – just a few minutes by boat. Our daily trips take around 4h giving you extra time for other daily activities, to practice some extra skills in the swimming pool or sit down with one of our instructors if you have any questions. Even if we are just 30m away from Bali, life in Nusa Lembongan has a real feeling of “Island Life”. Living by the beach, no cars or traffic jams or endless journeys to dive sites!  You can really have a grasp of what life in paradise is like.

Best internship! it couldn´t be better!

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I knew Ricardo a couple of years ago as my Instructor during my AOWC. When I was ready to do my Divemaster training, I traveled from Portugal specifically to do it there and it couldn't be better! Probably the best 5 weeks of my life! Everything was impeccable! Professional and skilled instructor, funny atmosphere, friendly team, great training conditions and incredible dive sites! If you ever consider doing a dive course at any level, don't hesitate! Do it at Legend Diving!


Our Divemaster course internships are perfect to guide you through until you become a diving professional, offering you more than just the standard Divemaster course. We have Internships for those that already have diving experience and will quickly get their Divemaster certification. We have internships for those that have no diving experience and want to go from Zero to Hero and for everyone else in between. You can either stay with us for 4 weeks in our Divemaster Basic Internship or want to get an outstanding internship experience by staying with us the full 4 months, in the Divemaster Legend Internship. We also give you the option of environmental focused Divemaster Eco Internship or a more skilled program with the Divemaster Gopro Internship.

Our all inclusive Divemaster Course internships offer you unlimited diving, extra diving specialities, Padi Divemaster Crew Pack and all necessary Padi Materials, transport from/to Bali and the chance to get your own dive equipped at an unbeatable price! All is included in our offers, we guaranty no surprised with extra costs – We do it all for you!






To start your Divemaster course you need to:

  • Be certified as a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver and PADI Rescue Diver (or SSI/NAUI/other equivalent)
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Show proof of at least 40 logged dives
  • Be certified in Primary and Secondary Care (CPR/Rescue breathing/First Aid) within the last 24 months
  • Have a signed medical statement valid within the last 12 months, stating you are fit for diving
  • Be in good health

Our divemaster course internships are really flexible and you can start any time you like, as long you fulfil all the necessary requirements. If you don’t fulfil the requirements don’t worry. We will give you all the necessary training until you are ready to start your Divemaster Course.



Students taking the Padi Divemaster Course Internships in Lembongan Bali
  • Knowledge Development. The PADI Divemaster manual has nine chapters that you will review with our Padi Instructors in different sessions
  • Waterskills development where you will have to show your swimming abilities, in-water rescue and demonstration of the 24 standard dive skills
  • Practical application where you will be managing dive activities, conducting Divemaster-authorized PADI programs, assisting Padi Instructors in Padi courses and demonstrate a professional attitude in your day-to-day activities

Getting Started

  • On the first week you watch us!

    You will passively assist our professional Divemaster and Instructors. Like this you will slowly get introduced to the daily routine of Legend Diving Lembongan. You will join our dive trips to start learning the dive sites and get to know why we do things like we do. Our Padi Instructors will also give you priceless tips on how to improve yourself as diver.

Up to Divemaster

  • On the following weeks we teach you!

    You will get introduced to the requirements of your Divemaster course and work more closely with your Divemaster Course Mentor. You will participate in skill circuits; get in-depth Knowledge Development Sessions and start doing several practical applications of your Divemaster course. By now you should feel comfortable with Legend Diving logistics and the dive sites.

Show what you´ve learned

  • Now it’s time for us to watch you!

    It’s your last week of the course and hopefully you have already ticked many of the requirements of the divemaster course. It’s now time to get back to the daily routine of the dive center but this time with the knowledge and confidence to take an active role on the daily activities. We expect you to be actively involved in the organization of the dive trips, be able to do a dive briefings, supervise certified divers underwater and show some marine life to our guests. When you think you have completed your training, think again…You still have the Legend Diving snorkeling test to conquer! Good Luck!


Students taking the Padi Divemaster Course Internships equipment in Lembongan Bali

Start learning now your Padi Courses Lembongan with elearning

As a diving professional it makes sense to have your own full set of personal dive equipment. We understand that not every diver has the opportunity or knowledge to know what exactly to buy prior to their divemaster course internships. Legend Diving Lembongan Divemaster Course Internships offer you 2 options; either rent a full set of gear off us at a very reasonable price for the entire duration of your divemaster course or get this lifetime opportunity to purchase your own personal full-set of gear through us at an unbeatable price. Check our divemaster packages or contact us directly for more information.

Here is a list of the recommended dive equipment a divemaster should have, which just happens to be the same equipment a PADI instructor needs!

  • BCD with low pressure inflator
  • Regulator with alternate air source
  • Fins, mask and snorkel
  • Air gauge
  • Depth gauge
  • Timing device
  • Compass
  • Exposure suit
  • Diving tool/knife
  • 2 surface signalling devices – 1 visual and 1 audible

It is also highly recommended to have your own dive computer. We do not include these in our rental packages but we can of course help you purchase the one that most suits your diving needs. We also recommend purchasing your own blank slate (very useful) and fish book or identification slate.

If you are thinking of purchasing some equipment before getting to us, don’t hesitate to contact us if you want some advice.


As a Divemaster, you can now work in a Padi Dive center anywhere in the world supervising and guiding certified divers. You may supervise and assist with training dive activities in a variety of environments and helping with classes. You may also conduct certain scuba programs for certified divers, such as scuba reviews. After successfully completing the Divemaster course, you may wish to continue your dive education by attending an Instructor Development Course, on your way to becoming a PADI Assistant Instructor or Open Water Scuba Instructor.

Now that we made you a Legendary Diver, we won’t throw you out in to the big blue just like that. We will help you prepare your CV, introduce you the Padi Pros site in search of employment and give you all the tips and contacts we have accumulated over the past decade. We will be just an email away from you wherever you are in the world if you need some advice. It will make us happy and proud to hear how well Legend Divemasters are doing in the diving industry!

“The Padi Divemaster course is the first level of the Padi Professionals and most likely the one that will define what type of diving professional you will be. Remember, many can become divemasters but only a few will turn into proper diving professionals!”

Contact us now to get your Internship application started. We will get back to you straight away answering all your questions!